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Autism Awareness Week

Our elementary campus celebrated Autism Awareness week April 16th -April 20th.We began our week with our “Light It Up Blue Day”. Scholars and staff wore blue and received an Autism Awareness ribbon. Each class had a lesson geared towards Autism Awareness with a storybook to match.  These lessons helped show students how one child can make a difference in the life of another by offering compassion, understanding, and above all, friendship to those on the Autism spectrum.

On Tuesday students wore their favorite team jerseys and completed an activity on puzzle pieces which were used to create our beautiful bulletin boards in both buildings. Wednesday was “Be an Individual” day, so students wore crazy socks to show their individuality. Thursday was fight for autism awareness Day where Students and staff wore their favorite superhero shirts. Friday was “Hats Off” to Autism Awareness Day where staff and students could wear their crazy hats. Students also received a certificate for their support of Autism Awareness and an Autism Awareness lollipop.


To end this amazing week, we had a “Blow Bubbles for Autism Awareness Day.” Since bubbles are symbols of joy, hope and laughter and a way to bring people together, it was a perfect way to end our week. By blowing bubbles for Autism Awareness together we create a new awareness of families living with Autism.

To date we have raised close to $400.00 hoping to reach our goal of $500.00 by the end of the month. All proceeds will go to Autism of New Jersey.