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The Village Welcomes Back Dr. Lynette Tannis

Marion P. Thomas Charter School Board Appoints Interim Chief School Administrator

The MPTCS Board of Trustees is pleased to appoint Dr. Lynette Tannis, as Interim Chief School Administrator.  She will guide MPTCS through the end of this school year.  Dr. Tannis is no stranger to MPTCS, in fact, she is a member of the Village.  Dr. Tannis served as the school administrator from 2005-2009, before leaving to pursue an advanced degree at Harvard University.  Additionally, Dr. Tannis has served in a myriad of educational roles including teacher, athletic coach, literacy coordinator, school/district administrator, professional developer, researcher, lecturer, and author.  An independent education consultant, Dr. Tannis holds both an ED.D. in Urban Superintendency and an ED.M. in Education Policy and Management from Harvard University, an M.A. from Kean University, and a BA from Greensboro College.