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MPTCS Reopening Notice

Dear MPTCS Families,

I hope that you and your families are doing well! As promised in November, I am contacting you with an update regarding the reopening of Marion P. Thomas Charter School in January 2021. Upon receiving recommendation and guidance from the City of Newark Health Department’s leading official, ​MPTCS will not be reopening in January under a hybrid, in- person model. Instead, we will continue to remain 100% remote for the foreseeable future.

I understand the necessity to return scholars to the building to diminish learning loss, obtain social emotional support, and that some of our families’ very livelihood depend on whether their scholars have a safe place to learn outside of the home during school hours. Rest assured that as we gather to discuss reopening, all of these factors are top of mind. It was our strong desire to welcome our scholars back after the holiday break with a phased-in approach of a two-day hybrid model. School leaders and staff began preparing the building and meeting to discuss reopening pathways - we were all full steam ahead. Yet despite our optimism, we have learned and understand that the current direction of COVID- 19 rates in Newark and Essex County are not in our favor and a January reopening is no longer possible.

I know all too well the frustration that comes along with providing our families with a new projected reopening date only to have it change once again. So instead, we will continue to monitor COVID- 19 rates, State and local guidance, and will ​share a new date a minimum of four weeks prior to reopening to ensure you have the necessary time required to prepare your scholar to transition to in-person learning.

I know this is not the news you were hoping to receive, but we remain committed to putting the health and safety of our village above all else!

Lastly, ​I want to remind you that MPTCS offers a wide range of support to our scholars and families such as food assistance, emergency rental assistance, mental health support, and so much more through our partnership with South Ward Promise Neighborhood (SWPN) which is a division of BRICK. ​If you need support to determine the best plan forward for your family, I invite you to contact our partners at SWPN, who have family counselors ready, by calling ​862.236.1333 or by visiting them at​.

We hope to see the smiling faces of our scholars before the holiday break so don’t forget to join us for a “Home For the Holiday” movie night on December 22n​d​.

Happy Holidays,

Chaleeta N. Hines
Chief School Administrator