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Voice of the Village: Superintendent Gregory's Message for November 2019

A Message from Superintendent Gregory

The first quarter of our epic and historic journey to rapidly improve and transform our schools has come to an end.   As society changes, we must continue to rethink the purpose of our schools and the potential of our scholars.    At MPTCS, we remain committed to ensuring our schools act as economic drivers in the communities they exist, by creating seamless pathways that catapult our scholars into successful futures; from crayons, to college, careers, and beyond.  The Village is on the move! 

Our school leaders, teachers, and student support teams are striving to awaken the genius that exist in all our scholars.  Their collective efforts, combined with that of our families and the community; will ensure our students become the world’s next generation of innovators, leaders, and problem solvers

Excitement permeates the walls of classrooms throughout the Village as we’ve introduced new partnerships, curriculum, courses of study, student support systems, and afterschool activities.  During the month of December, we will engage in a listening tour to hear from families and launch strategic planning meetings thereafter.  Together, we will improve our schools.  It truly, takes a whole village to raise a child.  

We continue to reap the benefits of being a part of the Brick Education Network.  Our educators are receiving intense professional development and support.  Moreover, our students are being exposed to rigorous, culturally relevant, standards-based curriculum.  Our curriculum aims to level the playing field, nurture every scholar’s potential, and accelerate their achievement.  

Families, educators, school faculty and leaders, are at the heart of everything we do here at Marion P. Thomas Charter School.  Our Family and Community Engagement teams will be hosting a variety of events on a monthly basis at all schools.  I encourage all families to get to know your scholar’s teachers, support staff, and school leaders.  Together, we have a unique opportunity to inspire our scholars to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more

In closing, all of us wish you and your family a safe, joyous, and healthy Thanksgiving.  May your heart find its pathway home and enrich the lives of those you love most. 

 As always, a better tomorrow starts with us today.  


A. Robert Gregory                                                                    Superintendent/CEO