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PAC Academy is LIT: PAC's Family Literacy Night was a huge success!

Students and parents were invited to PAC’s first ever Family Literacy Night on November 12th. The program was organized and led by our Co-Lead Mr. Sandor.  The program opened with an overview of the new K-3 literacy program for the 2019-2020 school year, highlighting the increased emphasis on small group tailored guided reading, whole group comprehension focused strategic read aloud and phonics development through reading mastery. Families were then notified that they were trapped by dinosaur on the loose looking for her lost baby. Students had to use their literacy skills to solve puzzles and find clues tin order to find the Baby Dino and escape the room. Successful students earned a certificate, a homework pass and baby Dino of their own to take home.

Sandor with students  parent and student  books parents and students  paclitnight1  parent  litphoto  lit3  lit4  lit6