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Voice from the Village

Voice from the Village


Dear Families and Friends of MPTCS,

We are living through historic and exciting times at Marion P. Thomas Charter Schools as we approach the eve of our 20th Anniversary and engage in the process of improving all schools in “the village” to ensure they propel our scholars into successful futures; where they prosper in the 21st Century Global Economy. I remain humbled and honored to have been selected to lead our network of schools while committed to ensuring within them we ignite our scholars’ curiosity and spirit; awakening their genius.

The month of November, albeit short in days, was filled with monumental events. The Village transitioned to new leadership; relocated our Pre-K – 8 PAC (Performing and Culinary Arts) Academy to a permanent home; weathered an unexpected snow storm which crippled the majority of the state of New Jersey; and ended the month hosting parent teacher conferences at all of our schools.

As we plunge into the winter months and holiday season, we must capitalize on the knowledge we have today about the science of learning which offers critical insights into how our scholars develop and the contexts, relationships, and environment that fuel their learning. Because children spend so many hours in schools and classrooms, we are uniquely positioned to help them thrive and achieve greater equity in both opportunities and outcomes.

While I have been charged to move our schools towards a bright future, I remain committed to engaging and giving voice to everyone in the village; including principals, teachers, parents, students and other key stakeholders throughout the city of Newark. Over the past several weeks while conducting my Learn, Look, and Listen Tour, I’ve had the pleasure to talk with all these groups about individual and collective opportunities and challenges we must examine to foster positive change and ensure our schools exist as pathways that map scholars towards successful futures.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be conducting School-Based Town Hall Meetings to hear from all staff in the village, moreover, hosting additional parent engagement sessions at MPTCS SELECT and PAC Academies (please visit our website for more information).

I’d like to thank the parents of MPTCS High School of Culinary and Performing Arts and STEAM Academy for your attendance and insights at our November parent engagement sessions. I truly believe in our motto, “it takes a whole village to raise a child,” and value your partnership, voice, and support.

As Hilary Rodman Clinton so eloquently stated in her book, “It Takes a Village…” we are living in an interdependent world where what our children hear, see, feel, and learn will affect how they grow up and who they turn out to be.” Let’s come together as a village, have open lines of communication and transparency with one core objective, ensuring our scholars experience the American Dream right here in Newark.

It takes one village, one vision, one powerful force of collective energy and genius to move MPTCS into a successful future.  During our upcoming winter break; I implore you to take time to relax, refuel and reinvigorate yourselves for the new year.

As you will often hear me say, “a better tomorrow, starts with us today!”

Happy Holidays,

Robert Gregory | MPTCS Superintendent