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MPTC High School



HS Leadership Team

Ms. Talia Snipes
(973) 621-0060 x. 5000

Ms. Nicole Cooper
Vice Principal
(973) 621-0060 x. 2202

Ms. Lorri-Anne Cummings
Vice Principal
(973) 621-0060 x5321

Ms. Theresa MacIntosh
Vice Principal
(973) 621-0060 x. 5315

Mr. Gerardo Valenzuela
Vice Principal
(973) 621-0060 x. 5402

Principal's Message

I am delighted to introduce myself as the new Principal of Marion P. Thomas Charter High School. My name is Talia Snipes, and I am truly honored to join this incredible community of learners, educators, and supporters.

As we embark on this educational journey together, my foremost priority is to foster an environment that nurtures the growth and development of every student. Here at the Village, we are committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and empowering space for all individuals to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Education is not merely about imparting knowledge; it is about instilling a love for learning, promoting critical thinking, and cultivating strong character and values. I believe in the power of collaboration, open communication, and a shared vision to drive us forward in achieving our educational goals.

I am committed to working closely with our dedicated faculty and staff, engaging with parents and guardians, and listening to the voices of our students. Together, we will continue to build on the school's strong foundation and embrace innovative practices that enhance the educational experience and prepare our students for success in the 21st century.

My door is always open, and I welcome your thoughts, suggestions, and involvement in the educational journey of your children. Let us join hands to create an enriching and transformative learning environment where every student can shine and make a meaningful impact on the world.

Thank you for entrusting your children's education to Marion P. Thomas Charter High School. I look forward to meeting you all and working together to create a brighter future for our students.

Warm regards,

Talia Snipes,  Principal 
Marion P. Thomas Charter School

Marion P. Thomas Charter High School

At Marion P. Thomas Charter High School, we believe in the power of community and collaboration. We embrace the theme "It Takes a Village," to inspire and nurture the potential of every student. We recognize that education is not just the responsibility of teachers and students alone, but a collective effort involving parents, staff, and the broader community. Together, we create an environment that fosters growth, character, and lifelong learning.

Our approach to teaching and learning is rooted in high expectations and a rich academic program that is punctuated by culturally responsive teaching, social-emotional development, hands-on learning opportunities, interventions, quality extended experiences, and engaging electives.

Our learning environment extends beyond the classroom. We offer a wide range of enriching extracurricular activities to help students explore their interests and develop leadership skills. From sports and clubs to community service initiatives, our students have ample opportunities to make a positive impact and enhance their personal growth.

Students 2 Science
Mock Trial
MPTCS Students
Student success

Preparing Students for College, Careers, and Life!

Our college-prep curriculum is designed to challenge students and prepare them for the rigors of college.  All students are required to engage in a rigorous core curriculum which includes courses in English, mathematics, science, social studies, health & physical education, visual & performing arts, and world language. In addition, students have the opportunity to take a variety of Advancement Placement (AP) and Honors classes, as well as dual enrollment courses. Students who participate in dual enrollment courses are able to earn college credits that can be applied towards a college degree.



Students can explore their passion via our cutting-edge culinary classes. Our award-winning program extends beyond basic cooking techniques and emphasizes creativity, nutrition, and sustainable practices. Students have the opportunity to develop their culinary skills in our fully equipped, industry-standard kitchen. From farm-to-table concepts to mastering international cuisines, our culinary classes offer a flavorful journey for aspiring chefs.


Visual & Performing Arts

We offer a diverse range of courses, including visual art, theater, and dance. Our state-of-the-art facility provides the perfect backdrop for students to explore their artistic abilities and express their unique talents. We inspire our students to pursue their artistic dreams.