• The Black Box Theater located at the Marion P Thomas Charter High School of Culinary and Performing Arts is a state of the art professional-level theater complete with fully rigged lighting, sound systems, and a flexible seating configuration. The lighting system offers 256 channels that cover every area of the stage and audience. Colored lights and accents are also available to perfect any look or evoke any feeling! Whether the subtlety of the spoken word, the energy of live instruments, or the beats of recorder music, the sound system has the capability of filling the entire theater with crisp, clean amplification. In standard configuration, the Black Box has seating for up to 200. However, these seats can be rearranged to whichever configuration best fits the show. In addition, a green room with dressing room and private bathroom are available for performers.

    For more information on the Black Box Theater, please contact BlackBoxTheater@mptcs.org or 973-621-0060, ext. 2013