• Preston  


    My name is Mr. Preston Johnson and I'm currently the custodial supervisor for 7th street and Select locations.  I have 8 custodians that work up under me, 5 of which are located at the Elementary campus. They are as follows: Letisha Bethel, Andre Wilson, Robin Bowman, Beatrice Sobers and Shirenea Caldwell. My team and I have a goal to keep the schools looking as clean as we can and provide facilities that our staff and scholars can be proud of.  I'm here on purpose with purpose to provide the best service I can for MPTCS. After graduating high school, I joined the US navy and served for 4 years. Upon leaving the navy, I took a job as a mail room clerk at MiniData, which later became a part of Ceridian. After years of promotions, I ascended to assistant manger of the whole north/south east region "over 20 years service".