• Greetings Parents and Guardians, 

    Welcome to another awesome and exciting year here at Marion P. Thomas Charter STEAM Academy.  This academic year will be one of the best years for our elementary scholars.   At the Elementary School campus, we are charged with providing the best academic experience for our scholars as we implement rigorous, exciting and hands on instructional programs that will foster learning and growth on all grade levels.   

    This academic year of 2018-2019 we will focus heavily on the engagement of our scholars and scholar learning; ensuring that every scholar on the Elementary Campus will move at least a grade level or above in one (1) academic school year.  Our Instructional staff takes the required time to carefully plan and prepare lesson activities that are structured to maximize scholar learning in all our learning zones.  Teachers ensure that our scholars are appropriately grouped, each learning zone has the necessary instructional materials and resources, and that lessons are paced accordingly that provide stellar learning opportunities.  

    As a Village and a Community, the school family and the parents must work in conjunction to reach the academic goals that are set  for our scholars. Newark is on the rise and our young people are RAISEing up to the challenge.    We all must challenge ourselves in the best interest of our youth. 

    So, let’s continue to support one another; One School, One Vision, Together We, Are on a Mission! 

    When We Are All In, Scholars Win! 

  • Ms. Johora Moore
    Vice Principal – Elementary School
    Marion P. Thomas Charter School
    “It Takes a Whole Village to Raise a Child”

    370 S. 7th Street
    Newark, NJ  07103
    973-621-0060 ex. 2300
    973-558-1706 cell

    When We’re All In, Scholars Win