• Ramos


  • ¡Hola! My name is Ms. Tanya Ramos. I am the Spanish teacher at the MPTCS middle school campus. This is my second year at Marion P. Thomas Charter School and I love every second of it! At Stockton University, I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Languages and Culture Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Teacher Education. I was also able to fulfill a minor in Latin American/ Caribbean studies. At the University of Salamanca, located in Salamanca, Spain, I was able to study Linguistics and Psychology. My purpose at MPTCS is to help scholars discover new cultures and assist them in building a foundation for the Spanish language. If you have any questions, comments or concerns,

    Email: tramos@mptcs.org 
    ¡Cuándo yo brillo, tú brillas, brillamos juntos!