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    I hope you all had an amazing summer!!My name is Coach Evans and I will be your scholar’s physical education teacher. This is my fifth year with the village and I anticipate a GREAT YEAR in P.E. with your scholar! 

     STEAM Academy Physical Education Schedule 2018-2019


    1st Grade

    Ms. Williams- Wednesday


    Mrs. Medy-Green – Monday & Friday

    Mrs. Sanchez - Tuesday

    2nd Grade

    3rd Grade

    Ms. Assise - Thursday

    Ms. Blom – Monday & Friday

    Ms. Rosenberg - Wednesday

    Ms. Adelante – Thursday

    Ms. Ferrer - Monday & Friday

    Ms. Fana - Tuesday

    4th Grade

    5th Grade

    Ms. Moffett – Wednesday

    Mr. Torres - Thursday

    Mrs. Sobers - Thursday

    Ms. Videgain – Monday & Friday

    6th  Grade

    Ms. Saleh - Tuesday

    Ms. Thomas - Wednesday

    • All students must wear sneakers that provide foot and ankle support on their P.E. day for comfort and safety purpose. Please see the school’s dress code.
    • All students are expected to participate in PE.  If a child needs to sit out from PE and recess due to illness or injury, a sick note from the parents/doctor should be turned in to the nurse’s office and to the PE coach detailing the injury and when they can return to physical activity.
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    If you have any questions please feel free contact me: 973.621.0600 or via email at sevans@mptcs.org.