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    SELECT Scholar kindergarten kids Top Notch Tigers student at keyboard  Science guy  SELECT Boys Graduate   Chef Student  Welcome to the Marion P. Thomas Charter School (MPTCS) Village!  Our students' educational journey begins in PreK and Kindergarten, where a LOVE of learning is cultivated. Start your child's path to success at one of our schools TODAY! 

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    MPTCS participates in the Newark Enrolls universal enrollment program. If you are still searching for Kindergarten - 5th grade, we have openings for the 2018-2019 school year!  Missed the application process or want to change your student's 2018-2019 school, call 973.621.0060, ext. 3112 for more information or log onto newarkenrolls.org.

    Our village is comprised of five schools encompassing PreK (for ages 3 and 4) through high school.  Each school has a unique focus, but they all have one mission - to prepare scholars for college and careers.  Keep reading to find out more about our unique academies: 

     Introducing MPTCS PAC (Performing Arts & Culinary) Academy | 18 Norfolk St. (temporary location), Newark | PreK38th Grade| Opening Fall 2018, the PAC Academy will provide instruction on the fundamentals (reading, writing, math and science) and will integrate performing and culinary arts activities and programs into the curriculum to enrich students educational experience and to encourage exploration, self expression, logical thinking, self-esteem, imagination, and creativity. 

    MPTCS STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) Academy | 370 S. 7th St. | PreK3 – 6th Grade | The newly themed elementary school will offer more educational opportunities through engaging,  hands-on science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematical project-based learning and partnerships.

    MPTCS SELECT (Scholars Exhibiting Leadership Excellence Character & Teamwork) Academy | 88-108 Shipman St. | Kindergarten – 7th grade| featuring all-boys and all-girls classes| SELECT incorporates teaching strategies that focus on the different ways boys and girls learn and fosters a culture of collaboration through brotherhood and sisterhood.

    The High School of Culinary & Performing Arts (9th – 12th grade) offers an innovative learning environment, blending college prep courses with culinary and performing arts.  Our unique curriculum prepares students for college and entry level careers by provding opportunities for students to culitvate marketable skills and develop their talent.

    Want more information contact one of our Family Liaisons to schedule a school tour to experience our learning environment:


    Jeanette Taylor
    MPTCS PAC Academy (PreK3 - 8th Grade)
    Ana Munoz
    MPTCS STEAM Elementary Academy (PreK-5th Grade)
    Gia Lusk
    MPTCS SELECT Elementary Academy (Kindergarten-6th Grade)
    Doyal Siddell
    MPTCS High School of Culinary & Performing Arts (9th-12th Grade)
    Have questions:   If you have any additional questions, email info@mptcs.org
    or call 973.621.0060, ext. 5

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     For more information about our schools or to schedule a tour, contact:
    Audrey Green-Hill
    MPTCS PAC & STEAM Academies (Pre-k)
    Brittney Black
    MPTCS PAC Academy (K - 8th Grade)
    Ana Munoz
    MPTCS STEAM Academy (K - 6th Grade)
    Gia Lusk
    MPTCS SELECT Academy (K - 7th Grade)
    Doyal Siddell
    MPTCS High School of Culinary & Performing Arts (9th - 12th grade)