Marion P. Thomas Charter School has chosen to participate in One Newark Enrolls, the new universal enrollment system open to all Newark residents. 

What is One Newark Enrolls?

One Newark Enrolls is a system of choice where all families can access great schools for their children, regardless of the school’s status as district or charter. The system is available to any Newark family wishing to enroll their child in a new school for the upcoming year. Students may rank up to 8 school choices – both district and charter – on a single application. They will then receive a single offer to attend the best possible school given their selections.

How does One Newark Enrolls work?

The paper and online application will launch on January 6, 2014. The paper application is available at our elementary school (370 S. 7th St.) and middle school (308 S. 9th St.), in addition to all Newark Public Schools, all charter schools that have chosen to participate in the system and at Enrollment Centers (location centers to be announced). The online application can be found at https://newarkenrolls.force.com. Families are allowed to rank their Top 8 schools on the application. The application deadline is February 14th. 

How do I apply to Marion P. Thomas Charter School?

Families may apply to Marion P. Thomas Charter School in two ways: by completing a paper application, or by logging into the new Online Enrollment Center at https://newarkenrolls.force.com. The application will be open from January 6 to February 14. Students may apply any time within this window. Families can pick up a copy of the paper application at one of our schools:

  • Elementary School (Prekindergarten thorough 4th grade) | 370 S. 7th St. | Between 15th and 16th Avenues

  • Middle School (5th through 8th grade) | 308 S. 9th St. | Off of South Orange Avenue

 Or, at any Newark public school and a number of community locations.  You can return the application to any school.

How can I secure a spot at Marion P. Thomas Charter School?

The higher you rank Marion P. Thomas Charter School among your Top 8 choices, the greater the chances are for your student to attend our school. We suggest ranking MPTCS as your first choice, or no lower than one of your Top 3 choices!  Additionally, if you already have a child in the school, siblings will be given preferential treatment.

What is needed to complete a One Newark Enrolls Application?

Every student needs their ID memo from their current school in order to apply to a new school. The application will ask you for this numerical code so don’t lose it. This does not apply for children who are entering the prekindergarten program.

How are students matched to schools?

After the application closes, automated computer software will match each student with the best possible school based on the student’s choices and the policies of the enrollment system. This computer software is used in several other districts with centralized enrollment systems, and has been customized for Newark’s needs. Students will learn of their matches in April 2014.

Do sibling preferences still apply?

Brothers and sisters of currently enrolled Marion P. Thomas Charter School students are given preference for admission over non-sibling applicants. Sibling preference applies to a student who has a sibling already in attendance at the school at the time of the lottery. Sibling preference only applies to students who share a common parent through birth or legal adoption.

Who is eligible to attend Marion P. Thomas Charter School?

Marion P. Thomas Charter School is open to all residents of Newark, New Jersey. Children entering prekindergarten must turn four on or before October 1 of their enrollment year and kindergarten students must turn five on or before October 1.

What should I do if I want to keep my student at Marion P. Thomas Charter School?

Absolutely nothing, this application applies only to students that are in 8th grade or want to transfer out of MPTCS.

How can I find out more information?

Plan to attend one of our Open Houses, scheduled for January 15 and Feb. 5, from 6-8 p.m. at our elementary school, 370 S. 7th St., or feel free to contact our Enrollment Coordinators, Regina Pierson (Prekindergarten through 4th grade) at rpierson@mptcs.org or 973.621.0060, option 1 or Jeanette Taylor (5th through 8th grade) at jtaylor@mptcs.org or 973.792.0060, ext. 973.792.0060, option 1.