Marion P. Thomas Charter School

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Welcome to Marion P. Thomas Charter School

 Dear MPTCS Parents,

We are off to another amazing school year! We are championing this as “The Year of the Parent”, and our theme is: Rally Around Increased Scholar Excellence (RAISE).  Over the course of the year we will work as a Village to:

·         Raise Student Achievement

·         Raise high Quality Instruction

·         Raise School Spirit

·         Raise Parental Involvement

·         Raise Funds

And so parents this year we need you to RAISE with us. Here are some key ways:

·         Help us create a culture where learning is valued as a pleasure and a privilege

·         Work with us to instill the belief that Excellence Begins with Me

·         Make sure your scholar gets to school on time

·         Demonstrate in your presence and  actions, that we are a Village and It Takes a Whole           Village to Raise a Child

·         Get involved  and stay involved

The entire staff is working hard to make sure this will be a year of growth and achievement for the entire Village. Looking forward to the best year yet!


Let’s RAISE together,


Dr. Karen -Thomas